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Who we are?

At WisePerks we work hard to make sure that the time you spend online is a rewarding experience. We work with hundreds of companies who are eager to have your feedback, know how you feel about their products or services. You provide your opinion on various services, but none of those services actually reward you for your time, unlike WisePerks - where every survey you participate in gives you great cash rewards for your time.

We value your feedback and want you to get rewarded for your time. We have surveys on various topics to match your interests and make them easy to answer. You can easily make around $50-$100 every month by taking various surveys. So let's work together to make it happen.

How it Works?

How it work

We value your time and opinion, so work with various marketing research companies to put your feedback to best use. WisePerks spends a huge amount of money to get honest and precise feedback from its vast community of members.

Each survey has a clear incentive associated with it based on the time it takes to complete it. Our surveys are very neatly designed and are easy to answer. Once you take a few surveys, you can redeem your rewards for a variety of gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, GAP, iTunes etc..


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What You Earn?

We like to keep things simple. You get points for all successfully completed surveys. The more surveys you complete, the more points you earn. The points can be redeemed for Gift Cards of your choice after you cross a certain threshold.

Once ready to redeem, choose the option you like - Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes and many others. We also give out Bonuses and
Thank God Its Friday offers from time to time.


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